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The Philharmonic Orchestra is a full orchestra made up of high school and early college age musicians who continue to experience and appreciate educational opportunities by performing with this ensemble. By the time students reach the Philharmonic Orchestra, they have had years of private study and many have distinguished themselves musically in performance and placement in area competitions.


The Intermezzo Orchestra is a strings-only orchestra, with students ages ranging from early middle school to early high school. Emphasis is placed on learning how each player contributes to the overall success of the orchestra. Young musicians can expect to see much musical progress over the year as they see their skills blend with others by practicing cooperation and teamwork.


The Debut Orchestra provides string orchestra training to predominately late elementary to early middle school musicians who read music and have one to two years of playing experience on their instruments. This ensemble is for younger, less-experienced musicians to help them gain valuable performance experience. The repertoire will be varied and serve as an introduction to orchestral technique and style.

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